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Electric Stairclimbers


The LIFTKAR MTK makes the transport over stairs easy, quick and safe. The transport of heavy and bulky loads over stairs was a problem that could hardly be overcome: several people had to carry the goods up and downstairs, often with a high risk of damage to the back. Thanks to LIFTKAR this is now a thing of the past.


LIFTKAR the special hand truck has an electric lifting system build in, so it is indispensable for anyone who has to transport heavy and awkward loads:

1 person can manage to transport the load

+ up to 310kg

+ easily, safely and quickly (8 to 18 steps per minute) over almost all kinds of stairs (even winding stairs) and

+ to move the load comfortably and smoothly (due to pneumatic tyres) on level ground.


Therefore, LIFTKAR pays for itself in a short time.


LIFTKAR easy to handle and ideal for various tasks

The heart of the hand truck is the electric lifting system with a crank drive. It is controlled by the electronic power switch, actuated by push buttons located on the right handles. By releasing the push button the load can be put down in every position. A sliding clutch protects the hand truck from mechanical overload. Double handles and a foldable frame enables the load to be under optimal control in every position.


A quick-change battery unit is included. In order to guarantee long-term use, the battery can be recharged quickly by a special quick battery charger for use in trucks and vans.