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Wagner for Maximum Sitting Comfort

Have you ever thought of the many things you do while you are sitting at work? How is your body posture while you are performing general work functions, on your computer, writing or reading? How long do you work at your desk without taking breaks? By changing the way you sit, you may be able to reduce your risk of injury at work. Protect your back and your well being to improve productivity. If you are already feeling some discomfort, pain or fatigue it is time to look for a comfortable orthopedic chair.


Introducing the latest invention by Germany Orthopedic chair manufacturer, Wagner, the new series of Titan chairs with the healthy Dondola® system has medically researched proven to prevent and reduce back pain. This patented Dondola® system is completely invisibly with three-dimensional mobility of the seat that prevents an unchanged seating position (lasting for hours) and supports permanent dynamic seating, as a result of which it activates the back muscles.


The reliable Dondola® seat hinge, was designed and developed by Wagner bases on the gym-ball concept to enhance three dimensional flexibility. Dynamic and active sitting is made possible with Dondola® which counteracts on back and neck area to prevent or reduce accompanying pains. Dondola® means permanent, subconscious movements and with automatic syncro mechanism promotes a healthier posture that ensures the user always enjoys maximum sitting comfort.

Feel the Movement, Live the Design

Sitting in Motion - Dondola® seat joint


"The healthiest WAGNER chair ever." WAGNER redefines the way of sitting! Due to the unique movement of the Dondola® seat joint, WAGNER office chairs promote noticeable the health of your back. They have received several awards, including by the leading professional journal "Facts".


The medical survey of the University of Regensburg under direction of Prof. Grifka shows revolutionary findings.

+ 66% of the test persons report a decline of pains (visual analogical scale)

+ 50% decline of restrictions in everyday life caused by back pains (Oswestry Disability Index)

+ Significant increase of well-being in general by up to 39% (SF36)

Medically Proven to Avoid Back Pain